Sure signs he’s not for youWhen you date, you are looking for a prospective partner. Do not be saddened if the date is not working out, this is natural. It is important to approach a date with an open mind, and to realize the purpose of a date is to get to know someone better. Luckily, both sides can then decide if they want to continue dating and get into a full fledged relationship. Here, are eight signs that your date is not the one.

Spending Habits

Though it may be hard to gauge someones spending habits on a date, it is important nonetheless to figure this out. One of the biggest things that couples fight over is money. If your date has extravagant spending habits and you are a cheapskate it may not work. Long term relationship problems often have to do with opposite spending habits. It will be very obvious how your date is with money. Watch what kind of car they drive, what kind of food they eat, and how they dress.


Now, religion is a touchy subject. Of course, people of different faiths, or no faiths at all, can date. If your date is very serious about religion, or is very anti-religion, it may not work. If your views are completely opposite of your dates, dating may become difficult. A lot of people let their religion shape their lives, some people even let their lack of religion shape their lives. It is unfortunate, but if your religious views are completely opposite of your dates, it may not work. Click here for more about dating and relationships.