Organic SEO strategiesConducting Keyword Research

Keywords are the words that search engine users type in when looking for content related to a specific subject. For a webmaster to improve a site’s rankings organically, they will need to have these words in their content as they signal the content’s relevance to what searchers are seeking. Many unethical webmasters have attempted to capitalize on this by stuffing keywords into their content, even to the point where it becomes unreadable and useless to human searchers. The goal with organic SEO is to have relevant, readable content that includes the keywords necessary for it to rank highly in searches related to the main topic of the website. To ensure that they have all of the words that searchers use, a webmaster will have to research the popular keywords related to the topic. A webmaster can either conduct the keyword research with a search engine or use any of the many tools and services online that have been designed for that purpose.

Making Sure that Content is Efficiently Organized

Organic SEO requires that a website’s architecture be easily navigable. Search engines take factors like readability and organization of content into consideration when ranking websites. It is important that webmasters make sure that pages on their site are efficiently organized so that it is easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. For example, it is important to find and fix broken links and to ensure that there are internal links that connect related pages within the site’s architecture. Another important reason for proper organization is that it makes it easier for search engines to properly index the site. Sitemaps are important tools for making websites easy to index. A sitemap lists the pages on a website in a clear and easy-to-read format that is useful both to search engine crawlers and human visitors. Read more about organic SEO.