Why do you love the man who treats you bad?Trapped in a Relationship

Even if a woman does not know what she is looking for she is going to know if she is happy with a man or not. Even if a woman knows she is with a bad guy she still may not know exactly how to end the relationship. Ending a relationship is hard to begin with. Many women will put the needs of the man ahead of her own. The woman needs to build up her self esteem and move on with her life without the bad guy.

Being with Him is Better than Being Alone

The fear if being alone is terrifying to many people. The older they get the more they fear they will never be able to have a family or have someone to grow old with. When a woman is with a bad guy she figures being with him is better than not being with anyone. At least he is still around and did not leave. Other women just too quickly from relationship to relationship. After a breakup a person needs some time to be by themselves. They can reflect on the relationship including what qualities they liked about the other person, what qualities they did not like, and where the relationship went wrong. The woman also needs to get a better understanding of what she wants out of life and heal from the heartache. This is also a time to go out with friends and have some fun. If a woman rushed into anther relationship without allowing herself proper time to heal she is setting herself up for another encounter with a bad guy. Read more about dating and romantic relationships.